Rack Safety Inspection/Report Service

Rack Safety Inspection/Report Service


Pallet Racking System are extremely reliable and low maintenance with practically no wearing parts. With due care and attention pallet racking systems have a long life expectancy. Problems with racking generally arise from 3rd party interference.

To comply with Heath & Safety legislation, All Storage Providers Limited offers a comprehensive Racking Safety Inspection and Report Service to ensure that your pallet racking system remains at the highest level of operational capability and safety. We recommend formalised annual inspection.

Racking Safety Inspection

The audit will be carried out by a SEMA approved and accredited inspector in accordance with the following codes of practice:

  • S.E.M.A. “Code Of Practice For The Use Of Static Racking”
  • S.E.M.A. Guide No 6. “Guide To The Conduct Of Pallet Racking & Shelving Surveys”

Method of inspection

The method of inspection will assess the following areas:

  • Beams and connector tongues, uprights and frame bracing, floor fixings and locking clips.
  • Pallet location on beams.
  • Quality/Condition and type of pallets used.
  • Positioning of loads and types of loads stored on pallets.
  • General fork lift operative use of the racking/shelving installation.
  • Condition and type of floor the racking is fixed on.
  • General house-keeping of the installation.

The audit report will include both a report detailing the findings of the survey at the time of inspection and a set of site drawings, showing the rectification work required at various positions. (ie. replacement of principal racking components, beams, strut sections etc.).

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