4600 M2 IKEA Retail Mezzanine - Ballymun, Co. Dublin

Project Info:

IKEA is an international retailer of home products.

All Storage Provider were contracted to fit-out the warehouse of their New Store in Ballymun, Dublin. The installation consisted of 590 bays of racking 6000mm high supporting a mezzanine floor of 4,600 sq. metres, which in itself supported another 342 bays of racking 2500mm high. The installation included 2 tower stairs which were designed and built to fit within the rack layout and was finished with handrail and mesh to protect both employees and customers. The mezzanine floor was part decked with open galvanised grating and part decked with vinyl finished high density particle board.

The installation was completed in 6 weeks. The project plan included a logistics plan to handle the 27 containers of material which was delivered in week 1, a sub-assembly construction plan and a final assembly plan. The build was completed by a team of 35 persons in a 6-week programme –beating all matrices set by the IKEA including schedule, quality and health/safety.

  • Application: IKEA
  • Location: Dublin
  • Size: 4600 Square Metres
  • Height: 6 Metre
  • Grid: Rack supported Mezzanine Floor
  • Loads: 4.8 kN/Sq metre

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