150 m2 Office Mezzanine Floor - Dublin

Project Info:

All Storage Providers client is a leading distributor refrigeration equipment for the bar trade.

After moving to new premises, our client contracted mezzaninefloor.ie to design, supply and install a 150 sq. metre mezzanine floor with 4.3M finished floor level. The finished floor level was designed to match the existing office floor level as access to the floor was to be achieved through an ope broken through the existing wall. The mezzanine was completed with a straight stairs with a mid-landing and a custom designed sliding pallet gate mechanism.

The ground floor beneath the mezzanine floor was segmented into a number of caged areas, while the top-side was partitioned to create a showroom and a storage area.

  • Application: Office
  • Location: Dublin
  • Size: 150 Square Metres
  • Height: 4300mm Finished floor level
  • Grid: Most Economical
  • Loads: 4.8 kN/Sq metre
  • Accessories: U-Shaped Stairs

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