Drive-in Racking

Drive-in Racking

Drive-In Racking is used where high-density storage is required. It is frequently used in facilities with a low number of product lines. The system provides safe block stacking of goods, which are too fragile or unstable to be stacked on top of each other. Forklifts drive into the racking to load or retrieve pallets, which are stored on cantilevered rails running throughout the system.. This system offers the highest use of available space in terms of both area and height.

Advantages of Drive-in Racking

  • Maximum use of available space (85%).
  • Elimination of aisles between the racking.
  • Rigorous entrance and exit control.

Drive-in racking can generally accommodate as many article types as there are loading aisles. Two management systems are available: Drive-In systems are loaded and unloaded according to the LIFO system - The last pallet in is the first pallet out.Alternatively, a Drive-Through system can also be used whereby pallets can be loaded or retrieved from either side, thus creating a FIFO system- First in First Out .... A drive through.

The system is frequently used in cold stores (refrigeration and freezing) which require maximum use of space for the storage of products in a controlled temperature.

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