Retail two tier mezzanine floor

Project Info:

All Storage Provider's client is a leading retailer of bathroom and heating products. After moving to new premises, to consolidate its business into one location, the client contracted All Storage Providers to design, build and install a two-tier mezzanine floor to provide a showroom and storage.

All Storage Providers designed the floor to maximise the available space. The floor was designed with a minimum permissible deflection of L/360 to minimise any “bounce”. As the mezzanine floor was to be used as a showroom, All Storage Providers designed a feature staircase, for public access, incorporating teak threads and stainless steel handrail with glass infill panels.

  • Application: Retail - Two Tier Mezzanine
  • Location: Dublin
  • Size: 422 Square Metres
  • Height: 3700mm / 6750mm Finished Floor level
  • Grid: Most suitable to operational model
  • Loads: 4.8 kN/Sq metre
  • Loads: L/360 Minimal Deflection
  • Accessories: 2 no. Feature Stairs

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