52 M2 Retail Butcher - Co. Wicklow

Project Info:

All Storage Provider's client is a retail factory butcher shop. After moving to a new premises and to maximise the floor space in this new unit, our client contracted All Storage Providers to design, design, supply and install a 52 sq. metre mezzanine floor with a 3.8 metre finished floor level.

The mezzanine floor was designed to accommodate a new cold store beneath the floor and a dry goods store above. All Storage Providers worked closely with the development team of cold room suppliers, clean room suppliers and electrical contractors to ensure the project was integrated within the project timeline and successfully completed on time.

  • Application: Retail Factory Butcher
  • Location: Wicklow
  • Size: 52 Square Metres
  • Height: 3.8 Metres
  • Grid: Customised to suit cold storage
  • Loads: 4.8 kN/Sq metre

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