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Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile Pallet RackingMobile Pallet Racking is a high density storage system for palletised and non-palletised loads. The racks are mounted on mobile bases, which are driven on floor mounted rails. This provides maximum storage within a minimum footprint. This application is particularly suited to cold rooms and high rental value premises.

Advantages of Mobile Pallet Racking:

  • Optimal system for cold stores (both refrigeration and freezer types)
  • Increase in warehouse capacity
  • Elimination of individual access aisles

These systems can be installed to function manually, by remote control or by computer.
Any type of racking can be used with mobile bases.

All Storage Providers are a leading distributor of Mobile Pallet Racking. Its racking is produced in one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of storage solutions. It has one of the most modern and automated manufacturing plants in the world and its racking is tested in specialised laboratories to ensure each component meets the stringent requirements of the FEM and SEMA codes for pallet racking.

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