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Live Racking Storage

Live StorageLive Racking Storage systems provide efficient and ultra-dense storage of goods. First-In-First-Out storage, FIFO, can be achieved by loading the goods at the on-load face and letting them travel under gravity to the of-load face where they are removed. Alternatively the “push back system”, also realised with roller tracks, provides a Last-In-First-Out, LIFO storage system. In this case the goods are loaded and unloaded at he same side, with stored goods pushed back and then returning under gravity.

Advantages of Live Racking

  • Enables perfect pallet turnover (FIFO SYSTEM)
  • Maximum capacity as storage system is compact
  • Time and space saved in pallet handling

Live racking storage optimises storage space. It allows back-up stock to be stored thus facilitating order processing and can provide automatic stock rotation, when the FIFO principle is utilised.

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